Freaky city chat room

03-Jun-2017 19:57

Also their public is really diverse and that’s what makes clubbing at Kater so fun.It’s a crowd of interesting, good looking and nice people, who are usually ready to dance and have a nice chat with you.Disorientating, mind blowing, brutal, fun, surprising, longlasting and freaky, Berlin is probably the best clubbing city in Europe.The clubber culture has become a life style and music is a religion.As the wall came down, so did all the previous patterns of behaviour.People were taking advantage of their recently acquired freedom, which is why the clubbing scene developed in such a unique way and over such a short period of time.As in almost every club in town, they don’t mess with the quality of the sound.Most of the DJ’s you’ll see playing there are associated to Katerholzig’s record label Katermukke.

Best Clubbing Times: Sunday morning and Sunday night.Inside Panorama Bar, you’ll find a more cheerful atmosphere, where they usually play all variations of house music.It’s the perfect place to have a drink, calm down and then go back to Berghain.You’ve probably heard a few names who are produced by them such as Sven Dhose, Dirty Doering, Sascha Cowa and Britta Arnold.

Make sure to check their Sound Cloud so you can find out if it’s your kind of music.Don’t forget to take a picture in their Photo Automat and also to appreciate the view of Robert Montgomery’s installation on the other side of the river.